Örjan Bodin

Prof. Örjan Bodin is employed as full-time senior lecturer and research theme leader at the Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University. In May, 2011, he was approved with the academic rank Associate Professor in May 2011 (Stockholm University).
In his work, Prof. Örjan Bodin uses and develops theoretical/conceptual models and simulations, as well as engaging in empirical studies and empirical data analyses. Örjan Bodin often describes and models social, ecological, and coupled social-ecological systems as complex and intricate webs of interactions between, and among, different ecological and/or social components.

Cross-disciplinary network analytical approach allows him to apply the same set of methods and conceptualization in studying such different things as power asymmetries resulting from different patterns of social and economic relationships among small-scale fishermen to large-scale analyses of seed dispersals in human-dominated and fragmented landscapes. It thus facilitates systemic analyses of SES that bridge scientific disciplines.

Furthermore, Örjan Bodin also applies methods and techniques, such as: formal mathematical analysis; qualitative comparative analysis (QCA); in-depth interviews; qualitative data analysis; surveys; behavioral experiments; agent-based simulation modelling; GIS and spatial explicit modelling and analysis; mathematical graph-theory; and statistical modelling.

Örjan Bodin holds an MSc in Physics and a PhD in Systems Ecology/Natural Resource Management. Prior to his academic engagement, Örjan Bodin was working in the telecommunication and IT industries for nearly a decade. Örjan has published in both natural and social science journals, and has been engaged (in addition to several theoretically oriented studies) in case studies of small-scale fisheries in east Africa, high sea fishery in the Southern Ocean, agriculture in southern Madagascar, and regional land use management in Stockholm, Sweden.

He is also contributing to the development of new tools and methods for improved green area spatial planning in urban areas, with a geographical focus on Stockholm County.

Some of his most inspiring publications are:

Bodin, Ö., G. Robins, R.R.J. McAllister, A.M. Guerrero, B.I. Crona, M. Tengö, M. Lubell (2016) "Theorizing benefits and constraints in collaborative environmental governance: a transdisciplinary social-ecological network approach for empirical investigations", Ecology & Society, 21(1):40

Bodin, Ö., A. Sandström, B. Crona (2016) "Collaborative Networks for Effective Ecosystem-Based Management: A Set of Working Hypotheses", Policy Studies Journal (early view)

Bodin, Ö., C. I. Crona, M. Thyresson, A-L. Golz, and M. Tengö (2014) "Conservation success as a function of good alignment of social- and ecological structures and processes", Conservation Biology, 28(5): 1371-1379

Bodin, Ö. and Tengö, M. (2012) "Disentangling intangible social-ecological systems", Global Environmental Change 22: 430-439

Bodin, Ö. and C. Prell (editors) (2011) "Social Networks and Natural Resource Management: Uncovering the Social Fabric of Resource Governance", Cambridge University Press.