IUFRO LE 2017-4

IUFRO LE 2017-4: Human Wildlife Conflicts in cultural landscapes: who pays the bill?

Author(s): Hannes J. König, Dr; Christine Fürst; Prof, Dr.

Institution(s): Institute of Land Use Systems Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) e.V. Institute for Geosciences and Geography Dept. Sustainable Landscape Development Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg

Human wildlife interactions have long been debated controversially among different interest groups. While conservationists often argue that the dramatic losses of habitat and biodiversity threatens the survival of many species on the one hand; land users, on the other hand, who directly experience economic losses by wildlife damages argue that losses should be compensated, effective prevention measures subsidised and wildlife management be adapted. However, in many cases, interactions and conflict pattern between human and wildlife are often not known. Research-based evidence to support sound decision making for adapted land management, the design and implementation of damage prevention measures is yet rarely considered. This session invites contributions that focus on the analysis and assessment of (i) spatio-temporal interactions between human and wildlife, (ii) conflict pattern, and (iii) damage prevention measures and their implementation. Case study examples as well as conceptual and methodological presentations are welcome. As an outcome of this session – a special issue in an international scientific journal with impact factor is planned for a selected number of contributions.