IUFRO LE 2017-3

IUFRO LE 2017-3: Green infrastructure as an integrative concept of urban-rural interactions: the role of landscape ecology

Author(s): Fabio Salbitano, Raffaele Lafortezza, Pedro Calaza Martinez

Institution(s): Society of Silviculture and Forest Ecology (SISEF, Italy), University of Florence, University of Bari, Escuela Gallega del Paisaje

The New Urban Agenda, drafted at Habitat III Conference held in Quito in October 2016, contains a remarkable number of references to green infrastructure and urban green spaces as proactive components of the cities of tomorrow. Great attention is given, in the document, to encouraging urban–rural interactions and connectivity. The document is a unique opportunity to reflect on the current debate on city and territorial planning, urban landscape design, and open space management under the light of green infrastructure approach. The symposium aims to contribute to the ongoing discussion by highlighting the integrative role that green infrastructure can play in recomposing the so-called urban-rural divide. We intend also to present and analyse research processes based on landscape ecology approach proposing innovative nature based solutions for the urban-rural connections and reciprocal responsability and, definitly, for the cities of tomorrow.