IUFRO LE 2017-2

IUFRO LE 2017-2: Ecosystem Services in Changing Forested Landscapes: tradeoffs and land use options at different scales

Author(s): Jose Alberto Gobbi, Sandra Luque

Institution(s): INTA, Argentina; IRSTEA, France (National Research Institute of Science and Technology for Environment and Agriculture) UMR TETIS Land, environment, remote sensing and spatial information

Successful planning processes will have to analyse in depth potential trade-offs, demonstrate ways how to keep them on an acceptable level and concentrate on interactive scenarios that provide stakeholders with suitable knowledge to understand ecosystem services (ES) interdependencies and their management implications. When planning for ES, one of the main challenges is that ES are highly interdependent so that the intention to optimize the provision of a single service leads to reductions or losses of other services. These trades-offs become more and more relevant in forested landscape contexts – an area of land that contains a mosaic of ecosystems-, where participation of manifold stakeholders is indispensable. Affected actors have highly different objectives and consensus building on the prioritization of one or few services seems to be very difficult. Moreover, demands from society might differ when changing scale and contexts of planning the symposium will aim o answer the following questions: Which trade offs can be identified at different scales and contexts in forested landscape planning? How can they be measured and balanced? How scenarios can be beneficial to improve choices on land-use actionable planning needs?