IUFRO LE 2017-11

IUFRO LE 2017-11: Making space for nature-based solutions: enhancing green and blue infrastructures in urban plans

Author(s): Davide Geneletti, Chiara Cortinovis

Institution(s): University of Trento (IT)

Urban green and blue infrastructures provide multiple benefits to urban population. Specifically, urban forests and trees are key elements in the provision of many urban ecosystem services, from climate adaptation to water regulation, air purification, and aesthetic quality. Nature-based solutions (NBS) aimed at enhancing urban green infrastructures are spreading as ways to sustainably tackle pressing urban challenges, thus making cities healthier and more livable. However, uptake of NBS is hindered by a limited knowledge transfer from science to practice and by a still scarce evidence of effectiveness from systematic monitoring of real-world applications. Making space for NBS is a challenging task for urban planning, which needs strong arguments against competing land-uses. Many initiatives are on-going to support the integration of NBS in planning practices. Some are working on the science-policy interface and on the exchange of good practices, others address assessment and monitoring. Moreover, several projects have been financed in the last years under the H2020 work programme to test applicability and transferability of NBS in urban contexts. The symposium aims at gathering advancements and lessons learned from these streams, and offer a place for discussion to scientists and practitioners working on the integration of NBS in urban planning.