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GuidosToolbox: landscape pattern, fragmentation, and restoration analysis

GuidosToolbox provides a variety of digital image processing techniques for the description and analysis of raster image objects. A series of modules are available to investigate different thematic topics including pattern, network connectivity, fragmentation, distance analysis and influence zones, cost analysis and restoration assessment, naturalness, and post-classification change detection. Additional modules allow for generation of input files for graph-theory applications, generic image analysis, dedicated pre- and post-processing utilities, batch-processing routines for automated data processing, and map publishing in GoogleEarth. GuidosToolbox is used by a variety of organizations, for example the European Commission, the US-EPA, and the USDA Forest Service.
The workshop will provide a feature overview and illustrate several image analysis options for a series of application fields accompanied by hands-on exercises. Custom sample data sets are provided to learn using the software as well as to discuss and evaluate the various processing options.

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Intended audience: students, landscape ecologists, landscape planners, digital data analysts

GISCAME – presentation and training of an integrated system for landuse change modelling and assessment

GISCAME is an integrated software that enables the simulation of scenarios of land use and cover change with a bundle of tools and provides in parallel their assessment related to impacts on the provision of ecosystem services. This includes an assessment of landscape structural aspects. GISCAME was developed to support participatory scenario development approaches and to empower manifold stakeholder groups to participate. Thus, its scenario tools reflect different stakeholder typologies. Modelling approaches enable to incorporate more detailed information particularly considering important aspects such as food, fodder and bioenergy provision. The workshop introduces the software, its applications fields including examples and an opportunity to train participatory scenario development within the group.

ForSys training – decision support tools in forest management planning

On demand, different decision support tools and the current status of ForSys can be presented and discussed. A minimum number of at least 15 participants is needed to make this workshop happen